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A picture of Eren and Mikasa from the manga.


This is one of the most popular ships in Attack On Titan. It is between the German teenager: Eren Jaeger, and the Fearless bad-ass: Mikasa Ackerman.

It all started, When Episode sever/Eight happened- When Eren saved Mikasa from a fate worse than death.

When Mikasa was just a little nine year old girl, talking to her mom and dad about the process of baby making- where do babies come from. Much to Mikasa's prevail, neither her mother or father answered her questions, for her kid-like-innocents to remain. Mikasa's mother was pregnant, with her little baby brother- that would have been born, but died as an egg still in her mother's stomach.

There were Human Traffickers the next minute, who then, Stabbed Mikasa's father in the mid-section of his stomach, as her father thought it would be Grisha. Their doctor.

Mikasa, and her mother, look over to the door, and see her dead husband sitting against the wall, crouched, with a large bloodied spot across his shirt.

Mikasa, Looking terrified and revolted, just stares at her dead father, as her mother grabs the scissors, slowwwlyyy. she then lunged toward the two men, yelling and screaming for Mikasa, to run and hide- but she couldn't, she was shocked and couldn't even move. So when the kidnapper with the axe struck Mikasa's mom, she instantly froze.

Dr Jaeger finally arrives at the Ackerman's home with Eren, only to see the corpses of Mikasa's parents. Eren is then told to run to run to the foot of the mountain. However, Eren ignores the warning and runs straight to Mikasa's captive location.

He tells a lie that he got lost in the forest and as one of the men " help " him, he stabs him in the chest, causing an instant death. The second man gets up to nab Eren as he slips out the door but as soon as he opens the door, he is met with Eren wielding a homemade spear; a knife attached to a broom. He stabs the man and uses the knife, stabbing his body over and over.

When Eren calmed down, he uses the blade of the knife to cut the rope around Mikasa's wrists. As he begins introducing himself, Mikasa remembers that there was a third man. At that exact moment, the man appears from the door.

As Eren reaches for the knife again, the man kicks him in the side and lifts him up by the neck, strangling him. Eren pleads for Mikasa to fight as she holds the knife, trembling. Suddenly, she remembers how cruel our world is and manages to stab the man right through the heart.

After the chaos, Dr Jaeger reprimands Eren for looking for Mikasa on his own despite the danger, Eren explains in tears that he wanted to save Mikasa quicker and that by the time the Military Police would have arrived, it would have been too late. Mikasa then asks Dr Jaeger where she should go since she had lost her home, feeling cold. Eren takes off his scarf which is now an iconic thing on Mikasa, wrapping it messily around her neck. He tugs her sleeve and asks her to go to his home, their home with a small blush. Mikasa is so touched as she sheds tears.

The next intense moment was when Mikasa is upset over the news that Eren was eaten. She runs out of gas and falls into an alleyway. Just then, a titan decides to walk over to her. Mikasa can't see the point of living anymore, so she doesn't fight back. However, just as she was about to be picked up from the ground, she starts running. She suddenly realises she can't die, because she would forget Eren. As she is about to attack ( with a blunt blade ), a titan emerges from behind her and punches the titan across the face, saving her life. That titan, SPOILERS of course, turned out to be Eren.

When Eren finally emerges from the titan's nape, Mikasa runs straight up to him and embraces him, bursting into tears on the spot that her only family member was alive.

That is of course, not the only ship moments, but the main reasons why EreMika is shipped.

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